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FSL Introduction

In the future, people will spend more time in virtual space, and the boundaries between physical and virtual space will become increasingly blurred. In the changing architectural environment, Future Space Lab (FSL) studies the impact of virtual/physical space design on users to provide an optimal space for users. Specifically, we conduct research projects related to virtual space design, data-driven design, human behavior analysis, and future cites. Our lab achieves research objectives through a convergence approach of architectural design and cutting-edge technologies such as VR/AR, IoT sensors, artificial intelligence, and Interview/survey.

Research areas

We are constantly seeking highly motivated and energetic individuals. The admitted students will be working on one or more research project(s), and closely interacting with Dr. Cha and others. These projects closely align with these topics:

  • Design innovations for future cities

  • Integration of VR, AR, and Metaverse for virtual architecture and design

  • Human-building interactions and data-driven design

  • We also welcome new ideas!

Research opportunities

Prospective Ph.D./M.S. Students

Like most laboratory, FSL is continuously searching for new Ph.D. and M.S. students. FSL typically admit one or two Ph.D. students and two or three M.S. students a year. For official admission, you must first apply to Graduate School of Culture Technology(GSCT). Please refer to GSCT admission website.  

Prospective Undergraduate Internships/Postdoc

FSL is also looking for qualified postdocs and interns. As a postdoctoral researcher, you will have a unique opportunity to learn skills, work on projects, travel abroad, write conference/journal papers, and expand your network. If you are currently registered as a KAIST student (including a visiting student) and are interested in an internship, independent research/Undergraduate Research Program (URP) in our lab, please contact us.

Key attributes

  • Persistence and adaptability in working through setbacks and challenges.

  • Passion for research and problem-solving, with all of its challenges and frustrations.

  • Commitment to communicating your research findings through clear writing and presentations.

Benefits - Funding 

FSL is committed to supporting its students, postdocs, and interns through a variety of funding sources including TAs, RAs, and Scholarships. Funding includes all tuition costs plus a stipend for living expenses. FSL also supports the substitute service for the students who require serving in the military.


If you are interested in joining our team as a M.S. student, Ph.D. student, Postdoc, or an Undergraduate intern, Please email us.

Your email should include the followings:

  • Curriculum vitae/Resume

  • A description of how your interests/experience connect to the lab's research areas/projects.

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